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Unleash the potential of your business 

Looking to ditch manual processing and modernise your operation? Meet Fortee. An affordable cloud-based ERP system with all the essential manufacturing features.

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📲 Streamline your production: Boost efficiency with smart planning features.

 🔗 Integrate your operations: Connect with external machines and applications.

👍 Fit your business: Take control of your business with intuitive configuration tools.

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"The benefits of the Fortee were quickly apparent. We had far fewer errors between input and production, which saved us time. Communication between employees also improved. However, the real revolution for us was the implementation of dashboards. They are a real basis for control, allowing us to visually associate the elements of our production process. Each manager has a "to do list" on a personalized home page, with a button that allows him or her to validate the completion of a step in a simple way."
"Before Fortee was deployed, two people were working full time to enter information. With the ERP, the information is entered directly by the operators. These two people have been reassigned to positions with more added value, in terms of production scheduling. The second benefit is improved traceability. Manuplast is subject to compliance with multiple quality standards. It's now possible to trace the entire history of the finished product, which is an enormous gain in quality."
"Our system allows us to manage orders, purchases, and monitor production. Its interface with our CAD tool helps us avoid double data entry and the risks of error. We also have precise knowledge of production costs. As the bills of material are recorded in the system, they can be reused identically or modified, which allows us to achieve a certain degree of standardization in the management of each case. Finally, reporting to the head office is greatly facilitated."

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