Reshoring Report 2024

Download our report to uncover insights behind the reshoring trend sweeping across the UK manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Reshoring Report 2024 (3)

of consumers more likely to buy UK-made products

are willing to pay extra for UK-made goods

growth in manufacturing output in the UK in 2023

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Navigating supply chain vitality in UK manufacturing

Verity Davidge, Director of Policy for Make UK, discusses the growing significance of reshoring.

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Reshoring UK shines a beacon on the new opportunities for manufacturers

This is a chance to raise the bar on quality, reliability, and innovation. 

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5 factors stopping you from reshoring

With the reshoring trend gaining momentum in recent years, there is a major opportunity for manufacturers to re-establish their industrial processes closer to home.

Discover 5 factors that might be preventing you from tapping into reshoring and how you can overcome them.

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